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Truman Capote

Signed Poster from Speaking Appearance - 1980

Desirable 1980 poster featuring the readings of author Truman Capote at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center. Avid readers of Capote's masterwork In Cold Blood will recall Capote's friend from Kansas, Alvin Dewey Jr., an investigator on the famed Clutter family murder case of 1959. Capote maintained correspondence with the Dewey family, including Agent Dewey's son, Alvin III, for years after the book was published. It is believed this poster was most likely inscribed and signed for one of the two, father or son. Rendered in silver and black with a photographic image of Capote in center. Fine condition.

At this event, numbering 11 performances from December 16–28, 1980, Capote read from his works: MUSIC FOR CHAMELEONS, A DAY'S WORK, MR. JONES, A CHRISTMAS MEMORY and HANDCARVED COFFINS, which was based on an actual case Alvin Dewey had worked in Colorado, causing some controversy when Capote published it, knowing Dewey wanted to write a book about the case himself.