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Scipione Cardinal Borghese

Letter Signed - 1608

LETTER SIGNED, one page, 22 November 1608. Written to Marcello Cardinal Lante della Rovere, Bishop of Todi. Borghese transmits a note to the Cardinal concerning the trial of Filippo Gentiluccio of Todi. He states that it should be shared with Gregorio Orsino, magistrate of Montecastello, so that he might familiarize himself with the case and exact justice. Features a near-perfect paper/wax embossed seal of Cardinal Borghese on integral leaf. Apart from the usual folds and generalized toning, the letter is very good to fine. Accompanied by a giclée portrait of Cardinal Borghese from an original oil by Ottavio Leoni.

Scipione Borghese (1577-1633) was an Italian cardinal, art collector, and patron of the arts, most notably for the painter Caravaggio and the sculptor and prominent Roman architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. His most notable legacy is the establishment of the art collection at the Villa Borghese, Rome.

Scipione Cardinal Borghese

Borghese is the surname of a family of Italian noble and papal background, originating as the Borghese in Siena, where they came to prominence in the 13th century. The head of the family, Marcantonio, moved to Rome in the 16th century and there, following the 1605 election of his son Camillo as Pope Paul V, the family rose to great power and wealth. They were one of the leading families of the Black Nobility and to this day maintain close ties to the Vatican.