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Marcus Aurelius Probus

Emperor Probus Double Denarius - c280

An ancient silver Roman antoninianus (double denarius) minted during the reign of Marcus Aurelius Probus, emperor of Rome from 276-282 AD. During his reign, the Rhine and Danube frontier was strengthened after successful wars against several Germanic tribes such as the Goths, Alamanni, Longiones, Franks, Burgundians, and Vandals. The obverse features a bust of Probus wearing his imperial mantle, holding an eagle tipped sceptre. The reverse depicts Probus on a horse trampling opponents. Nicely matted in wood frame showing both sides of the coin, which measures 24mm.

MARCVS AVRELIVS PROBVS was born at Sirmium in 232. When Florian was proclaimed Emperor in 276 upon the death of Tacitus, Probus commanded the Roman east and refused to recognize him. Their armies met at Tarsus, and after a standoff, Florian was killed by his men in August, 276. Probus then rescued Gaul from barbarian invasions, and later set about clearing the east of barbarians and bandits. By 282 the Empire was at peace and Probus turned the army to civil construction. The discontented soldiers of Carus in Raetia rebelled, and Probus was slain by his own men at Sirmium in September, 282.