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Pearl Bailey

Signed Photo - c1962

Sultry black and white photo of and signed by Pearl Mae Bailey (1918-1990), an African-American actress and singer. Bailey began singing and dancing in Philadelphia's black nightclubs in the 1930s, and soon started performing in other parts of the East Coast. 8" x 10" in excellent condition.

In 1941, during World War II, Bailey toured the country with the USO, performing for American troops. After the tour, she settled in New York. Her solo successes as a nightclub performer were followed by acts with such entertainers as Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington. In 1946, Bailey made her Broadway debut in St. Louis Woman. Bailey continued to tour and record albums in between her stage and screen performances.

Honored for her service to American troops, Bailey was named as special delegate to the United Nations, and in 1988 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.